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'At the Scottish Textiles Symposium 2014, hosted by Zero Waste Scotland and STLA, creative agency Kalopsia announced their plans to create a new textile production hub, entitled The Facility.

Managing Director Adam Robertson and Creative Director Nina Falk revealed that by working with Zero Waste Scotland, Kalopsia aims to create a facility that offers the opportunity for designers and makers to produce their textiles in more efficient and sustainable ways by providing specialist equipment, trained technicians and the sharing of knowledge and skills – all in one dedicated space. Robertson also revealed that Kalopsia, which is a collective of trained textile specialists, would be acting as members of the space and would provide their expertise to businesses and individual creators looking for production and sampling services – fueling the exchange of ideas and knowledge within the textiles industry.' - STLA 



Video from the The Facility Project Launch, in the proposed space for project.


'Effectively engaging with the existing textiles community, sharing ideas and collaboratively developing new ways to meet the needs of the new generation of designers and makers will be as important to the success of the project as the creation of a communal working space. The project launch will focus on the power of the idea in transforming ways of working. It will celebrate the re-growth of the textiles and design industry in Scotland, and provide an opportunity for people from different sectors to network. It will also provide an important opportunity to build the already rapidly growing community of potential users and expand this to include supporters from other sectors and investors.'

On Friday 30th of January 2015 we launched of our latest project, The Facility.
The Facility will be a textile 'Makerspace', a place where textile creators, designers and producers can MAKE, COLLABORATE AND INNOVATE.

Talks by;
Welcome - Cllr Brock, Depute Lord Provost
Circular economy and innovations in the textiles sector – Lynn Wilson, Zero Waste Scotland
Enhancing the offer at Ocean Terminal –Dennis Jones - Ocean Terminal
The importance of linking designers and manufacturers – Fiona Scott, Make Works
Leith as a creative hub: economics and opportunity – Iyke Ikegwuonu, CEC
Printed & Co: new ways of working with designers –  BeFab
The vision for The Facility – Kalopsia

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Take part in the survey and let us know what you would like see in The Facility or email at info@kalopsia.co.uk