Kalopsia Collective
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Kalopsia strives to minimise the environmental impact of our business and manufacturing operations and we are very aware of the social and aesthetic impacts of design and production. We carefully consider everything and everyone who is affected by our manufacturing.

Working with Zero Waste Scotland we have been developing resource efficient manufacturing techniques that are less wasteful. To reduce waste, we work closely with our designers to make products as environmentally conscious as possible. We also recycle all possible fabric cuttings and encourage closed-loop production systems.


“Micro-manufacturing is the manufacturing of products in small quantities using small manufacturing facilities.”

Micro-Manufacturing for us also means reducing your carbon footprint, producing high quality items in the UK and ensuring that your products are made ethically. All our products are manufactured in Leith, Scotland. This allows you as a designer to easily monitor the environment your products are developed in. We produce your textile products in a sustainable manner from start to finish in our distinctive micro-manufacturing space. We help address the social and environmental issues faced by the industry.



We believe that everyone has the right to quality products, designed responsibly and without exploitation. We also believe that design and manufacturing links up with social issues and has the power to bring about a better quality of life both for those buying and those who are making. This combined with our history of quality manufacturing has the power to redefine a generation's interaction with products and allow them to reshape their futures.


We work in transparency with our clients, making sure that there is clear understandable evidence of how their products are being produced and we can assure our clients that every stitch in our production is made by a person who works in a safe environment, is paid a fair wage and treated with respect.