Kalopsia Collective



Kalopsia is a creative Textiles agency and Micro-Manufacturing facility in the heart of Leith, Scotland.

We produce textiles products for British and International clients in a sustainable manner from start to finish and help address the social and environmental issues faced by textiles businesses and designers.

Kalopsia acts as an advocate for the wealth of creative British talent and works to support and create opportunities for those looking to establish themselves within the textiles industry. A throwback to our collective days is that we still host exhibitions and events to encourage the rethinking of textiles and craft.

Our Story - We started by asking the question 'What Is Textiles?'

Kalopsia Collective was formed in 2012 to challenge the perception of textiles by pushing the boundaries - creating a platform for Textiles.

Kalopsia began exhibiting the works of international and local artists who employed textiles in diverse manner and to start a conversation about the craft in order to encourage innovation and creativity. 
Our unconventional beginning means that we approach textiles in a unique way, seeing it as an umbrella term for concept, creativity and skills.  

Our background may seem unconventional but our aims are simple:
Today we operate as a Social enterprise and employ the ideology that the exchange of knowledge and skills is vital to innovative development. We find ourselves driven to create opportunities for emerging talent and local communities, to encourage professional development for individuals looking to establish themselves in textiles and to encourage growth within the industry.