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Micro-manufacturing is perfect for small brands and designers looking to gain access to manufacturing that is exclusively MADE IN SCOTLAND. Whether you’re a graduate, established business or independent designer looking to produce your textile products in Scotland, Kalopsia can support you through the whole production process. 

Micro-Manufacturing for us means reducing your carbon footprint, producing high quality items in the UK and ensuring that your products are made ethically. All our products are manufactured in Leith, Scotland. This allows you to easily monitor the environment your products are developed in.

micro manufacturing

We produce your textile products in a sustainable manner from start to finish in our distinctive micro manufacturing space. We help address the social and environmental issues faced by textiles businesses and designers.

All Kalopsia machinists are paid a living wage and work in fair conditions. We work in partnership with our clients for the benefit of both parties. Working to a strong Makers Agreement which supports each client through making process.

ENVIRONMENT - Waste Management

Kalopsia strives to minimise the environmental impact of our business and manufacturing operations.

We at Kalopsia are very aware of the environmental, social and aesthetic impacts of design and production. We carefully consider everything and everyone who is affected by our manufacturing.

Working with Zero Waste Scotland we have been developing resource efficient manufacturing techniques that are less wasteful.
To reduce waste, we work closely with our designers to make products as environmentally conscious as possible. We also recycle all possible fabric cuttings and encourage closed-loop production systems. 

With the #MakeThingsLast campaign in mind we work with our clients to create products with longer duration of use. The production of fashion and textiles has always involved the consumption of natural resources at every stage of the process from design, fabric cutting and all the way to packaging.

This is a challenge, not only for the environment, but also for any small business...

ASSEMBLE - a CONSCIOUS production choice

The key advantages of the Assemble range is that it allows us to give more accurate material estimates. This allows our clients to make more informed choices when ordering and making fabric, reducing cost and contributing to reducing waste. This is why we found it important to develop the Assemble range.

Make an active choice to producing ethical and sustainable products.
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