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Equipment Call

We are currently developing a textiles ‘sharing facility’ which embraces the benefits of a Circular Economy business model, with support from Zero-Waste Scotland. 

The project is based around the principles of accessing equipment through a membership system and also recovering ‘used’ equipment, maintaining it and keeping it in functional use.

We are developing  ‘The Facility’ which will encompass all of these principles and offer a valuable resource in which textile designers can visit and make use of a range of equipment they may otherwise have difficulty in getting access to.  We are in the process of acquiring a fantastic space within Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh in which to trial The Facility. 

Now we are looking for some key pieces of equipment to make use of within The Facility.  Ideally, this will be redundant equipment which a business or organisation no longer have a requirement for but which is still in useable condition (we will undertake minor repairs/servicing) and the business or organisation is willing to donate to Kalopsia (donations are preferable but we will be happy to enter into discussions for key pieces of equipment).

We are keen to find the following types of equipment but please contact us if you have other pieces of equipment not listed which you think may be of interest.

If you would like to donate or have information about potential equipment you can email us at facility@kalopsiacollective.com or by filling out the form below 

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